Like the alveoly of the lungs (where there is exchange of carbon dioxide with oxygen), we exchange your learning problems with our simple learning solutions at Alveoly E-Learning  (AEL)center irrespective of where you are. All you need is a smart phone, a computer or a laptop with an internet and you can contact any of our online  health instructors for your simple learning solutions to your learning problems.

There are no entry requirements for courses. While you are studying, Instructor will be available to offer help, answer questions, and guide you through the learning process, but students are free to choose their own study pace.

As an institution of distance learning, AEL has been able to assemble a faculty of recognized experts from throughout the country. Though these instructors vary in subject matter expertise, they share important attributes. All of them are actively practicing what they teach, and they are skilled in imparting their knowledge through distance learning channels and technology.

At AEL we provide individualized, flexible learning environment.

Our students have had remarkable success in having their accepted. We will gladly supply information to potential or current students

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Alveoly E- Learning

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: Alveoly
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: 9th November, 2020
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: 3rd January, 2021
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